How to find Helena Guesthouse

Here you can find two maps. One of them is about the city center where you can find the Helena Guesthouse.
The other is the map of Budapest subway lines.

It doesn't matter if you travell by train, plain, or bus, you can reach one of the subway lines of Budapest, as well as the lines of public transport. To find Helena Guesthouse quickly, your closest terminal the Blaha Lujza tér.

To come here, you must use the Subway line No. 2. If you can use the other two lines, you must change at Deák tér, here is the junction point of the three lines (No. 1 and No. 2 and No. 3)

You can use the following bus and tram lines as well, and must get off at Blaha Lujza tér:

Bus lines: 7, 7, 78
Tram lines: 4, 6


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